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Our Merger Info



 OUR MERGER                                                                                              April 2022
                                                          QUESTIONS & ANSWERS 



Why did Greater Piedmont Credit Union merge with Self-Help Credit Union?

This merger enhances our financial stability and enables us to better serve our members.

What does Self-Help do?

Self-Help is a family of credit unions, a non-profit loan fund, and a policy advocacy organization. Founded in North Carolina in 1980, Self-Help is dedicated to creating and protecting ownership and economic opportunity for everyone, especially minorities, women, rural residents, and low-wealth families and communities. Nationwide, more than 120,000 members are being served by Self-Help Credit Union and Self-Help Federal Credit Union through branches located in North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Chicago and California.

As a member, what should I do in response to the merger?

Please continue with your GPCU business as usual with no change in your credit union account number(s), transaction behavior, loan payment schedules, etc. At the same time, now may be a great time to make sure that we have your most up-to-date contact information on file, including email addresses, mailing addresses and cell phone numbers. Contact us at your convenience by calling the credit union at (800) 326-3440, or stopping by your nearest Greater Piedmont CU branch.

What will happen to my money?

Nothing. The merger with Self-Help CU creates an even stronger financial institution. Your credit union account will continue to be NCUA insured up to $250,000.

Should I begin making my loan payments to Self-Help Credit Union?

No. Continue making your payments as you’ve done up to now.

Should I continue using my existing cards and checks?


Has the credit union routing number changed?

No. However, you will be notified later this summer about any future changes to account numbers and routing numbers.

Will the credit union name change?

Yes, this summer we will change our name to Self-Help Credit Union. The name change will signal our switch to the products and services offered by Self-Help Credit Union.

What new products or services can I expect after the name change?

You can expect to see a few new loan products for home buyers and small business owners. Additionally, mobile banking enhancements will include the ability to deposit checks using the SHCU mobile banking app for smartphones and tablets. Also, branch access will greatly increase. Self-Help CU operates nearly two dozen branches (many with on-site ATMs) across North Carolina (and one branch in Virginia), and all of those locations will begin to accept your deposits and withdrawals at that time.

May I use a branch of Self-Help CU, or any of their services (online banking, mobile banking, ATM, etc.), right now?

No, not until we change our name to Self-Help Credit Union, this summer.

Will there be a change in the hours of operation and/or branch locations?

For now, our hours of operation and branch locations are remaining the same. However, we may make changes to better serve members. If so, we will inform members well in advance.




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